Powerset: The New…Clusty?

There’s been some hype about Powerset, a supposed Google-beating search engine of unimaginable brilliance. I have no idea if that is true or not, because all we’ve really got to go by is a review by a reporter. Named Bambi.

Putting aside the unanswerable, and unlikely, can-it-beat-Google-question, analyzing the hype is somewhat more fun:

Since Powerset indexes a fraction of a fraction of what Google currently handles, we confined our test of Powerset to searching the The New York Times and Wikipedia sites and then checked how Google stacked up when doing the same

What a meaningless test. I’m sure a boutique version of Google, or even MSN, could easily produce stunning results over such a tiny dataset. And let’s not even get started on the infrastructure requirements needed to run a full-scale, worldwide search engine.

“We’ve got a better search engine than Google! It’s going to be huge!”

“Can we see it?”

“No. But it’s really, really good. Bambi thinks so.”

“Is Google really that bad?”

“Well, no but….”

Is Powerset the next big thing? Perhaps. Perhaps not. Whatever.

It has been a quiet day…

  1. allenallen11-07-2006

    Trust of users that’s what they can’t beat about google

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-07-2006

    Also true.

    Especially when the hype machine swings into action long before the real machine does…

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