Tim Berners-Lee: Internet ‘Aint All That

Tim Berners-Lee: “Maybe we’ll find that some very undemocratic things start happening, and that misinformation starts taking over the Web”.

What does he mean? Ban Wikipedia? Anything remotely corporate? Anything remotely political? Blogs? Forums? They’re some of the fun bits!

I guess misinformation has always been a part of human culture, and always will be. Democracy is an ideal, but often difficult to realise.

How to avoid misinformation – now there’s a problem worth solving.

I must say, I like the user reviews of products on Amazon and other commercial sites. I’ve found more truth in the aggregation of comments than in any sales brochure.

Of course, trust and democracy , and perhaps popularity, are aspects Google is heavily focused on.

What other elements would make for a more trustworthy web?

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