Want To Buy Some Print Ads?

Given the rise and rise of the online ad market in recent years, it is strange to think that there might be some opportunity going the other way. Even stranger to think that Google might be facilitating it.

Not that strange, perhaps.

Google will announce today a tie-up with more than 50 newspapers, through which the internet giant will create an online marketplace to help print media to sell advertising electronically

For site owners, this means that you may be able to get your ads into print easier than it has been in the past. For Google, this is another revenue channel. I suspect there may be something to the speculation that Google would be wise to help keep the “quality” news content producers happy. And producing. For “free”.

  1. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com11-06-2006

    But I dont think that it would be cheap for the avertisers I think, but surely would be cost effective.


  2. Andreas KrausAndreas Kraus11-06-2006

    It’s not about the costs but the connection.

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo11-06-2006

    Another good point here: http://www.bloggingstocks.com/2006/11/06/google-wont-save-the-newspaper-industry/
    Ads on the newspapers websites – now that would be interesting.

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