When Matt Cutts Posts, Do You Read Between The Lines?

I really like Matts posts. He writes the way he speaks. Say what you like about Google and their hype machine, but there is a real personal integrity and honesty there.

The fun bit is trying to figure out what Matt is not saying, because the information he doesn’t let on is, one suspects, infinitely more juicy than the information he does let on. We all know very well why he chooses his words carefully.

Take for instance, his post today on Compete. Compete is a new search engine which builds click metrics into the search results. Not a new idea, as Matt points out, but it would be interesting if it actually works well.

Matt is skeptical.

Trying to read between the lines, is Matt saying that Google do use usage statistics, but in a different way? Is his reference to SEOs installing the toolbar an oblique reference to the practice of cooking Alexa? Does that therefore mean that Google doesn’t take Alexa rankings into account? Unfortunately, do this for long enough and you do end up going around in circles.

So many questions. And who are “fat chicks in party hats” anyway?

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