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Tool For The Pointy Hats

See a spam result? Competitor need taking out? Spam report tool for Firefox. The blurb reads: “Have you ever performed a search on the Web and entered a site that has nothing to do with what you were looking for ?“ Erm…yeah…but Google does seem to favour Wikipedia these days, so what you gonna do? 😉 “We are offering a …

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Why Click-To-Call Doesn’t Work

I guess it should have been obvious, really, but part of the attaction of the web is that you don’t have to deal with people directly. There is anonymity, and the very real advantage of having not to deal with customer service reps. If I was going to call, I would have called already 🙂 “In a recent report on …

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Won’t Be The Same

Danny Sullivan posts his official goodbye on Search Engine Watch. But, of course, he’s only one click away. I don’t know about that choice of logo, though 😉 It will be interesting to see what happens to Search Engine Watch. I guess the community is large enough to sustain itself, but it’s hard to imagine it’s going to be any …

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Google Remove Personal Information

A judge orders Google to remove information posted online. “A judge on Wednesday ordered to remove remnants of personal information on Johnston County residents that still show up on its search engine.Johnston County officials mistakenly posted a file with thousands of names, addresses, Social Security numbers and cell phone numbers on the county Web site. Officials said the information …

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BitTorrent Signs With Major Studios

Good lord. Have the studios woken up? “BitTorrent Inc. on Wednesday announced deals with several major movie studios and content producers. The moves are part of the company’s effort to position its file-sharing software as a legitimate application and show that it is not just a tool for piracy. The content providers include News Corp.’s 20th Century Fox, Kadokawa Group …

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