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SEO Terminology

What does `bait and switch mean`? What does DNS stand for? Who is Matt Cutts and why do people worship the very ground he walks upon? For those new to the SEO world, Aaron has published a very comprehensive SEO Glossary. A few more SEO/M glossaries can be found here: SEM Glossary

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Ms Dewey

Ever wondered if someone is looking over your shoulder while you`re searching? Ever wanted someone to? Ms Dewey will watch you while you search, and offer a commentary on your search stream. Depending on the type of query, Ms Dewey may be scathing or complimentary. Or both. It`s pretty slow, but entertaining. And Microsoft, of all people, is repordedly behind …

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Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama is Live!

Yahoo has finally gotten around to the launch of its new ‘Panama’ Yahoo Search Marketing platform and initial user reviews and responses are quite positive. Given Yahoo’s recent woes, which according to the New York Times are all centered around their inability to successfully monetize search, the new advertiser friendly service is a breath of fresh air. The end results …

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I’m off to Tokyo for a few days to meet up with John for a beer or two. If anyone reading this blog is in Tokyo over the next week or so, let me know, and I’ll try to meet up!

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The Secrets Of SEO

People sometimes ask why forums and blogs don’t spell out the “secrets” of SEO on a regular basis. The problem is that once a secret is shared, it is no longer a secret. Secondly, there simply aren’t that many secrets. How much do people really know about SEO that you don’t? Five more algo secrets? Ten? Ten posts. Then that’s …

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Digital Camcorders With Google Video Upload

YouTube, and others, are becoming the destination of choice for home movie content: “Pure Digital Technologies has announced a new $129.99 camcorder that works with Macs and PCs and features built-in software that can upload its content to video sharing Web sites, including Google Video and Grouper“ These digital camcorders are getting pretty cheap, eh. I recall my first one …

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