SEOs Going PPC. And Back Again

This article by Mike in Clickz brings up some good points about the current state of search marketing, and where it is heading:

SEOs are going to have to embrace marketing….SEOs should read more marketing books than Apache Server manuals. As search marketing becomes more sophisticated, clients are going to expect something closer to demographic targeting out of organic listings, too. And that means understanding more about the clients’ overall marketing strategy, not just their Web site

PPC is a lot closer to a corporate idea of a marketing campaign. SEO has always been difficult to factor in to corporate reporting cycles and metrics. The downside of PPC, especially for the little guy, is that they are easily priced out of the market. PPC traffic is easy to get if you have deep pockets.

SEO is most valuable when it drives web strategy, rather than as a marketing campaign bolted-on at the end. And this is where the little guy can beat the corporates. Not that SEO success is as easy as it once was – but hey – if the bar has been raised, that means it is going to be harder for the guys following behind you.

Meanwhile, the most important aspect of SEO in 2006 is this: (Mike) “SEOs are going to have to embrace marketing”

More on this over the next few days…

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