How To Spam Wikipedia

Not really 😉 Well maybe, depending on your point of view…

The webmaster rules used to state that you must own the site on which your content was hosted.

However, now that it isn’t as easy, or quick, to get ranked as it once was, especially with new domains, the advantage has shifted to established sites and pages. Given that Google is showing Wikipedia results in almost every search, you’d be mad not to incorporate Wikipedia as part of your visibility strategy, wouldn’t you?

There is, of course, a catch.

The biggest catch is that you can’t control the content. Anyone can edit the content, and that may mean editing your content, and links, out. It has been suggested that some clever characters have gotten around this problem by scrambling up the Wikipedia hierarchy. Once in a position of authority, some Wikipedians appear to become more equal than others, and “open” quickly becomes “closed”, presumably under the guise of “preventing vandalism”.

Take, for instance, the SEO page. Note the very limited number of references and resources. Not to take anything away from those listed, but there are many other equally good, if not better, resources that should appear. Why so narrow? Note the amusing inaccuracies. Is Matt Cutts really a “famous SEO”? Now try and add your favourite resources, or point out other equally famous SEOs. Perhaps you are one yourself?

The code comments are curious: –No red links. Don’t add an article about yourself, either–They will be deleted quickly. —

Is the open, democratic and free Wikipedia turning into DMOZ?

However, not all pages have this problem. Some Wikipedia pages aren’t edited often, yet hold high search engine rankings. If your site is relevant, add a link. You may need to check the existence of this link on occassion as it is always possible someone else will edit it out, for whatever reason. Nirvana is finding the high-traffic Wikipedia page that doesn’t receive much attention from Wikipedia editors. Try to stay relevant and below radar.

Here’s a guide on how to edit Wikipedia.

  1. jordeejordee10-30-2006

    Actually, there’s a big debate on what to include and what not to include for the references. It’s catalogued on the discussion page of the article. The references section cites the actual pages and sources the original authors used to create the information.

    The Famous SEOs section is designed only to reference articles that have already been created within Wikipedia–even Bruce Clay got deleted from the SEO page before he had his own article. The oversight was quickly corrected–by writing his article, then adding it to the page. I think the logic there is that aAdding links to articles that don’t exist adds nothing to the page.

    If I remember correctly, the discussion page does question whether Matt Cutts qualifies as well. Maybe not, though.

    If you don’t agree, then jump on in on the discussion page. Major edits on the SEO page are reverted with extreme prejudice if you don’t discuss them first.

  2. allenallen10-31-2006

    Lol i tried to spam wikipedia once…i edit the most popular page and added my blog link haha it turn out funny but hopefully they didn’t ban me for such act 😀

  3. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo10-31-2006

    Thanks Jordee.

    I do wonder about “Famous SEOs”. Is there such a thing? And I question the value of such a “distintion” in this field. The best SEOs are often to be found lurking well below radar.

    >>the most popular page and added my blog link

    Stay below radar and relevant, Allen 😉

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