Yahoo Search Marketing’s Panama is Live!

Yahoo has finally gotten around to the launch of its new ‘Panama’ Yahoo Search Marketing platform and initial user reviews and responses are quite positive.

Given Yahoo’s recent woes, which according to the New York Times are all centered around their inability to successfully monetize search, the new advertiser friendly service is a breath of fresh air.

The end results of the new Yahoo Search Marketing should ideally:

* Close the monetization gap with Google

* Breathe new life into Yahoo Search

* Monetize Social Media

* Boost the growth and popularity of the Yahoo Publisher Network

Search Engine Journal has coverage of the new Yahoo Search Marketing, with screenshots.

[Note : I’ll be filling in for Peter a bit as he’s traveling to Tokyo right now]

  1. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-17-2006

    Nice to know Loren that you are posting here is it your first post here.


  2. LorenBakerLorenBaker10-17-2006

    Akash, I get around 🙂

  3. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-18-2006

    I also never saw you posting in V7N forums, it would be great to be with you. By the way keep posting good posts.


  4. Dustin07Dustin0710-18-2006

    How is this product going to be different from Overture?

  5. LorenBakerLorenBaker10-22-2006

    Dustin, I suggest reading this overview of the new features :

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