How To Get Users To Contribute

The application of social psychology is an important part of creating sucessful social media. Here’s a few good pointers on how to get users to contribute to your site.

  • Make it easier to contribute
  • Make participation a side effect. For example, Amazon’s “people who bought this book, bought these other books” recommendations are a side effect of people buying books. You don’t have to do anything special to have your book preferences entered into the system
  • Edit, don’t create. Let users build their contributions by modifying existing templates rather than creating complete entities from scratch.
  • Reward — but don’t over-reward — participants.
  • Promote quality contributors
  1. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-14-2006

    I think running a forum is also a great idea to let people creat lots of content for you.


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