YouTubers “Gravely Concerned”

It’s almost as if Google now commands the same fear and loathing as Microsoft once did. Nice work.

It has been reported that “thousands” of YouTubers have “concerns” that the “little guy” will be pushed aside in favor of “nasty big business” and their “advertising minions from hell”.

In order to become widely popular on YouTube, it’s almost imperative that you get featured on the front page,” says Stern, 28. “YouTube has already begun selling off its top front page real estate to advertisers and Google, one of the top Internet advertising brokers, is not going to make matters any better.

Storm in a teacup, really. Communities always lose a few people when changes occur, but they are remarkably resilient due to one important fact: habits are hard to break.

Besides, the whole world now knows what You Tube is. New sign-ups are bound to be massive.

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