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Local Search has long been considered the “next big thing*” (*tm)

Except nothing much has happened.

Until lately. Borrell Associates recently released a study  indicating that local search revenues are expected to be about $1 billion in 2006 and will grow to $1.8 billion in 2007, an 86 percent jump. Things certainly seem to be hotting up.

One of the problems with local search is…well….locals. Small business of the brick n’ mortar variety haven’t exactly been quick to invest in web marketing, so a number of local search engines are adopting a community driven approach, such as  SmallTown.

SearchEngineJournal has more…

Smalltown intends to have someone in each community to ensure the local integrity of the site and the quality of the listings — these were the folks who told me they found a 47% error rate in the database listings when they checked “door to door.” They’ve also taken pictures of every storefront in the two communities they’re launching with

The UK have similar initiatives, such as TheBestofUk.

  1. SarahWhiteSarahWhite04-11-2007

    I cannot agree more with importance of local search whilst at the same time how difficult it is to turn small businesses to online way of thinking. I am not sure whether there is that one solution to address local search problem but it definately needs investment in terms of time and money. We are addressing the same problem here in the UK with http://www.DealsLocally.co.uk – a niche local directory and what we have found so far is that the best way to move more local businesses online is to do it face to face with lots of talking and even then it is not easy.

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