Could A Three Year Old Use Your Web Site?

Put it another way – are Ebay the usability kings of the internet?

3-Year-Old Buys Pink Convertible on Internet.

The brief account states that a British three-year-old named Jack Neal had managed to purchase, and briefly “own,” a Nissan Figaro pink convertible. The desirable car was Pepto Bismol pink—so you can all see what the appeal would be to a toddler.

Jack’s mother, Rachel, told the BBC in an interview that she had left her eBay password in her computer. Her son had apparently found it and used the “buy it now” option to complete his transaction. Jack bought the car from a dealership near Worcestershire, England for 9,000 pounds, or approximately $17,000 U.S. dollars.

Rule #1 – Never make it difficult for people to give you money. Or “treat your users like three year olds”. Or something.

Talking of usability, this is as good a summary as any – design your web site like a Casino.

  1. Casinos have no windows because they don’t want gamblers getting distracted. Just like casinos, you want to remove the cool features and unnecessary links on your website so visitors don’t get distracted and start wondering off.
  2. Free booze and rooms is a great way casinos attract people. Offering some sort of freebie on your website is a great way to attract and retain visitors. Once you have them on your website then you can try to convince them to purchase something.
  3. When you first walk into a casino slot machines and tables are in your face. Make sure your call to action such as a “buy it now” button is visible and in your visitors’ face.
  4. Casinos have a specific atmosphere that causes people to be energetic and gamble. The gambler is usually making decisions based on emotion instead of logic. With your website you want to create the same effect through design, color, and content. Make these elements play on the visitor’s emotions so that he or she spends their money without thinking about shopping around.”

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