SEO Is Dead Again

The old debate (or should that be “link bait”?). SEO is dead, SEO is dying, SEO is alive and well.

I guess it depends how one defines SEO. Sites are always going to need to be crawlable, so that part isn’t going away. Also, so long as sites are listed in order, one site has to be number one, so may as well be yours. The dying part of SEO is the add-a-few-keywords-add-a-few-links-get-ranked-within-a-month service industry.

The last part remains doable, though.

So I guess the answer is “no”.

For the time being.

  1. Dan AbbamontDan Abbamont10-10-2006

    SEO isn’t dead, it’s just changed. It’s marketing now. At one time, it was a step-by-step technical process. In 2006, you’ve got your hot topics and techniques such as “link bait”, but all that is is creating content that people want and getting it noticed. That’s public relations, and I think it’s just great. The more we move away from seo “tricks” the better. I was once pessimistic about the future of this industry, but now I look forward to having to be more creative to get the right kind of attention.

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo10-11-2006

    “now I look forward to having to be more creative to get the right kind of attention.”

    Well said!

  3. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-14-2006

    Ya I also agree SEO will never die, SEO is not spamming or tricking the search engines that it can ever die, SEO will be also live.


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