Local Search: Who Is The Biggest?

The over-hyped local search market looks like it may finally be arriving, and who do you think has the biggest market share? Google? Yahoo? Dmoz?


It looks like Yahoo! & Google are neck and neck, according to Comscore:

Most local searches appeared to be commercial in nature, which is why this market is potentially so lucrative:

Based on a recent comScore Search Satisfaction study, 41 percent of those conducting a local search were searching for something in their home area, as opposed to searching for information on businesses in locales that they intended to visit. Additionally, among those searching in their home area, 59 percent indicated they were searching for a restaurant or something entertainment-related, such as a theater, theme park or an attraction for sightseeing. Another 52 percent said they were searching specifically for a business phone number or address. Two out of five local searchers (41 percent) were looking for information on a local service in their home area, including car rental office, dry cleaner or lawyer

  1. garypoolgarypool10-03-2006

    It looks as though Yahoo has bought their way into contention with Google. Can Time Warner keep up with M$ is holding on to a strong third? I’ll bet they are working on it. Well, if they buy M$, Verizon, and YellowPages.com they can take the lead with 29.9.
    On a more serious note it looks as though Yahoo rankings will be just as important as Goggle when we check our positioning. No more one stop checking.

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