Click Fraud – The Dark Side

Business Week dive into the click fraud debate.

Click fraud is probably always going to be a part of PPC. The search engines don’t want it to happen, up to a point, because the negative publicity may prevent people using the system, but one has to question quite how far they are prepared to go on behalf of the advertiser when the search engine also benefits from the clicks. In any case, the black-box approach, taken by Google and others, will do little to help make the speculation go away.

Summary of main points:

  • Advertiser shaken by clicks coming from such places as Botswana, Mongolia, and Syria
  • The search engines say the click fraud problem is manageable, and the problem is exaggerated
  • “Paid to read” rings have hundreds or thousands of members each
  • Some ex-fraudsters say the detection methods aren’t working well
  • A cybercrime unit led by the FBI and U.S. Postal Inspection Service assigned two analysts to examine whether federal laws are being violated.
  • But if we can’t fix this click-fraud problem, then it is going to scare away the further development of the Internet as an advertising medium

Roll on CPA…

  1. after-bankruptcyafter-bankruptcy10-02-2006

    Have you ever tried a service like ClickTracks?

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo10-02-2006

    Yes. ClickTracks have an excellent reporting tool.

    I understand click fraud reporting is a new feature they’ve brought in on version 6.1?

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