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8 Ways To Get More Traffic

Another list, but quite a good one. ” The 8 Free Things Every Site Should Do“ Some SEOs may not be aware of the numerous “bloggy” ways of generating traffic. These certainly work. A well placed Digg can bring down a server under an avalanche of traffic. Apparently. The best thing about them is that they’re all cheap, cheerful, or …

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Short Interview With Matt Cutts

Searchblog asks Matt a few questions. Quite short, and there’s not much new here. One interesting bit, under the standard Matt disclaimer of “this is just my personal opinion”: “Netflix doesn’t have to worry much (who wants to spam a DVD rating?), while eBay probably spends a lot more time thinking about how to make their trust ratings accurate and …

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Google’s Approach To Other Peoples Content

Anyone would think there’s a turf war going on in Belgium, that could spread even wider. Or something 🙂 Google outline their approach to content: “Protecting content owners’ rights, respecting their wishes, helping to reward them for their creative endeavors – these are the primary principles that guide Google’s approach. We believe it’s the best way to make the world’s …

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Incisive Media Sold

Incisive Media, owner of the Search Engine Strategies Conference, has been sold. Danny Sullivan left Incisive recently. “Private equity firm Apax said on Thursday it had agreed to acquire Incisive Media in a cash deal that values the financial information provider at around 199 million pounds“ Brett spotted it (WMW Login Required) slipped everyone else by, it seems 🙂

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Berkley Offer Lectures Via Google Video

Good idea. Spreading the knowledge. “Supported by the people of California, the university has embraced public service as an essential part of its mission since 1868. The content on this page —drawn from campus seminars, courses and events—is just one part of UC Berkeley’s commitment to the broadest possible dissemination of knowledge for the benefit of our state, the nation …

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