New Things To Try Out

Google Reader have released a new version. Upates include expanded view and list view, simplified sharing, improved read-state management, infinite scrolling, unread counts, mark all as read and more. I had a quick look through. Quite nice, but I think I still prefer Bloglines.

Facebook, the hugely popular social site, is now open to all. It’s a lot neater than MySpace, which tends to suffer from teenage auditory and visual overload.

What happens when you mix Kurt Cobains suicide note with Google Adsense. Quite accurate, really.

  1. after-bankruptcyafter-bankruptcy10-01-2006

    I’m a Bloglines person also. I don’t like Google Reader at all. Haven’t looked at the new features you mentioned, but I don’t see the point. Love Bloglines.

  2. vistadivine.comvistadivine.com10-16-2006

    Well the new version of Google Reader is atleast much better than the previous one.


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