Business Week Covers Click Fraud

A bit behind the times, aren’t they? 😉 Article on Click Fraud, doesn’t contain much new, other than a few case studies about clients who are getting increasingly frustrated with the refund process:

But as clicks from ZapMeta kept arriving, Fleischmann demanded in an Aug. 7 e-mail to Google: “You should be trusting us and doing something about [ZapMeta] as a partner, instead of finding more ways to refute our data or requests.” (BusinessWeek‘s e-mail to ZapMeta’s site and its registered owner, Kevin H. Nguyen, elicited no response.)

Interesting side note. V7N Blog got a hat-tip for helping spread the Click Fraud story. Not sure if we were responsible for the wider up-take or not, but it’s good to know the grass-roots media are breaking stories well before the mainstream media.

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