The Wikipedia Factor

There is an old adage “don’t go into competition with Microsoft”. There is also a new adage is “don’t go into competition with Google”.

SEMs should add: “don’t do into competition with Wikipedia”

Wikipedia is everwhere. It will come up under most non-commercial queries, and it is reasonable to assume that many visitors will choose Wikipedia (via a Google search) over other SERP listings. So, if you’re writing factual articles, try to ensure your aticle is linked to from the appropriate Wikipedia page. If Wikipedia beats you, then at least it is easy enough to join ’em.

Super Affiliate has a few other strategies for attracting visitors who may click Wikipedia entries by default. Essentially, offer a different value proposition:

“If I’m in the business of building affiliate websites to earn an income, I want to keep that in mind and not set myself up to compete with Wikipedia.

What won’t Wikipedia be able to take over or compete with? Some ideas:

  • Personalities/Personas/Identities (ie. Terry at SuperAff)
  • Social Interaction & Activity (ie. forums, blogs)
  • Personal Collections (ie. hockey cards, post cards, doilies, autographs)
  • Sharing Experiences (ie. diaries, weight loss journals, crochet pattern developments, travels)
  • Personal Creativity (ie. scripts writing, cooking experiments, poetry, artwork)
  • Politics, Religious Beliefs”

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