Google To Upgrade Search In Time For Christmas

PC Advisor are reporting on a speech given by a Google official, who shared the news with attendees of the Professional eBay Sellers Alliance (PESA) Summit in San Francisco:

When people search for products on, the system will present them with another search box so that they can refine their query….after people refine their query, Google takes them to a second page populated with product results from the Google Base listings service“.

So if you’re selling B2C this Christmas, get you stuff into Google Base now. How? Instructions here.

Here’s an interesting piece of information regarding search behaviour – people don’t use Froogle (much):

The plan also involves de-emphasizing Froogle as a destination website and moving its comparison-shopping capabilities to, because, as the Google official explained, most product searches happen on

Google then evaluate the type of query, and direct people via the interface, rather than forcing them to use tabs. This fits with Danny Sullivan’s invisible tags theory.

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