Has Your Site Been Hacked?

StepForth has an excellent SEO blog, from which I’ve stolen the following:

everytime someone fetches something, go fetch it through this CGI file. The CGI program does cloaking. It doesn’t just check the user-agent, it actually checks for their IP address as well. And if it’s GoogleBot, it will add links to porn sites. And here’s the really scary thing or it will take all your existing links, or some of your existing links and, will slap a NO FOLLOW on them. So, the hacker is basically saying, ‘All those sites you chose to link to, uh-uhh… we’re not going to link any PR that way, we’re going to link to our porn sites and that is just pretty much pure evil”

That’s nasty stuff, indeed. The solution for this hack is spelled out on the StepForth site – enable the tranlation option on the Google Toolbar, visit the website you want to check, and click translate (English to English). If anything odd comes up, you may have a problem.

Jim Hedger provides some background , as does Franz.

And why were OneUpWeb singled out?

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