Domain Traffic & Small Search Engines

Interesting audio clinic on MarketingExperiments for those interested in exploring the small PPC search engines.

They give the results of a few tests, including comparing the cost per action across various small engines. Of note, one Miva result  found the cost-per-action was $66.58, which was 43% lower than Google, and 59% lower than Overture. However, they found that results across all engines were mixed and sporadic.

They also note that some small PPC engines are making use of domain traffic, which can be problematic, depending on the domain name and approach:

Now, if this visitor looking for finds them self on a dating site rather than, they may stay and subscribe, though the likelihood of them being interested is far less than if they arrived at the site intentionally. This is an example of how domain traffic can be less qualified. Seeing as how the traffic from the small search engines was of such low quality, we can only assume this is the type of domain traffic these engines are utilizing.

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