Small Google Deals, Big Strategy

Google have bought up at least 15 companies since going public two years ago. Some of those aquisitions are more well known than others:

When Google quietly bought a software shop called Android a year ago, neither the suitor nor the quarry revealed much about the terms of their attraction. Google never said how Android, a 22-month-old start-up that described itself solely as a maker of software for mobile phones, would fit into its grand strategy. Yet Android was typical of the acquisitions made by Google: a modest firm with niche expertise to help the Internet giant build on its core businesses rather than strike into wholly new frontiers”.

This article looks at Googles move into mobile:

We are bringing more of our products to mobile phone users. Since there are at least twice as many mobile phones than PCs in use globally, and mobile usage is growing faster than PCs, we want to make Google available in a device- independent way. He added the company was developing new ways for marketers to advertise on mobile phones“.

Mobile is the obvious next step. Trouble is, mobile has been the obvious next step since before the last stock market crash. 3G roll-outs have been incredibly slow, mobile companies have got the network locked up tight, which makes entry difficult, and the media is both expensive and shallow. Sort of like AOL used to be – a walled garden, containing high priced nothingness.

Mobile needs a killer app. That killer app is probably content

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