Google Parsing Keywords in Domains

A while back, Greg Boser and many others suggested that highlighting run together keywords in search results indicated that Google was parsing run-together keywords in URLs.

We tested this and proved that Google did not parse keywords in folders and file names when they were run together.

After we did this, some people suggested that Google, although they did not parse keywords in file names and folders, was parsing keywords in domains.

This is an easy thing to test. Just buy a domain with the keywords run together, for example “”, get it indexed, and then see query Google for the keywords and see if your site is indexed.

Google Search: TataBoomer3

The page is indeed indexed.

Now let’s see if Google is parsing the keywords:

Google Search: TataBoomer3 Paris Hilton

Nope, not parsing.

But an interesting tidbit is that Google is able to parse those keywords run together in domains and in files, they simply choose not to. We know this because we put Adsense on the pages without a single mention of Paris Hilton, and we got Adsense ads related to Paris Hilton.

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