Internet Gambling – Cross Border Issues

This issue is an interesting one, even if you have nothing to do with the gambling industry. Essentially, this issue is about the problems of legal jurisdiction in a borderless, internet world.

Alan Meckler:

The USA government has gone nuts in its efforts to curb online gambling. Recently the feds arrested an English businessman traveling in the USA because he is the CEO of based in England which accepts online bets from Americans. And just the other day another English CEO, Peter Dicks, of was arrested while spending time in New York…. Gambling is here to stay…therefore legalize online gambling so American business is not at a disadvantage against overseas business operators“.

Internet gambling can’t really be stopped. It will simply move to the point of least resistence, and if that point is outside the US, then that’s probably what will happen. The demand will find the supply.

Here’s some more recent news resources covering the cross-border issues:

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