Google Edge Further Into Microsoft Territory

Google has teamed up with Inuit, makers of the popular QuickBooks, a book-keeping application with around 3.7m users. Microsoft will not like it, oh no.

Businesses for instance will be able to market themselves by listing their business on Google Maps and manage online advertising campaigns directly from the QuickBooks application.

This is further confirmation of a major paradigm shift. Software is no longer (just) a product, it is media. People sit in front of their screens the same way they do when they watch television, only for a lot longer, and they tend to be a lot more focused when they do. The new model is so powerful on so many levels.

BTW: Don’t you hate those media sites that place an advertisment before the article you want to read? “Article will load in 20 seconds…here’s a message from our sponsor….click to skip”. Bollocks to that! I promise never to link to those dinosaurs. I mention this because I was originally going to quote the above story from a different source, but they failed the “we’re clearly a bunch of idiots” test.

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