Time To Dump Google?

Not the shares of course, although it might be – really, I have no idea.

This article talks about switching search engines, on the basis that other search engines do the job just as well, and in some cases better, than Google.

That’s probably true – it all depends on the person really, and what floats their boat.

I like Google, and Yahoo! – they both do the search job for me quite well. What annoys me about Google in particular, is the weight it gives to old pages. If I’m looking for up-to-date information, I tend to find it in the blogsphere, or I go to specialist portals.

Google web search can feel like the dusty back shelves of a library, at times.

BTW: AC Research seems to think Google are a Buy, but offers this warning:

Plans by Microsoft to incorporate its MSN Search service as a fixed component in the new Windows Vista operating system are currently considered as a major risk factor, the analysts add.

How any analyst can claim to predict the future of the search advertising market is beyond me. The words “stab” and “dark” come to mind.

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