Step Away From The Bleeding Edge

Seth has a list of interesting statistics that serves as a useful reminder: us ‘net-heads are not your “typical” user, if there is such a thing:

31.4% of Americans don’t have internet access.

90% of the people in France have not created a blog.

88% of all users have never heard of RSS.

59% of American households have zero iPods in them.

30% of internet users in the US use a modem.

Detroit (one million people) has six Starbucks.

1% of internet users use Digg on an average day.

Marley and Me outsells Small is the New Big 200:1. On a good day.

.37% of the US population reads the paper version of the New York Times daily.

Brazil consumes 11% of the world’s coffee.

20% of the world speaks English.

98.2% of the households in the US have a TV, and virtually all of those TVs have cable.

On a related note, here’s a few statistics relating to online shopping patterns:

  • Thirty-five percent of consumers said added costs, such as shipping and handling, or lengthy delivery times resulted in their abandoning an online purchase
  • The top reason online consumers prefer to shop on the web is to avoid crowds, a reason cited by 38%
  • Internet-influenced offline spending is 50 percent greater than online spending, meaning that for every $1 spent online, the Internet influences $1.50 in brick-and-mortar sales.

More interesting internet shopping statistics here.

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