Will Spamming Ever Be Stopped?

Discussing the recent uproar at Digg (they’re trying to stop people gaming the system), Donna Bogatin makes an interesting observation:

Why Digg fraud, Google bombing, Wikipedia vandalsim will not be stopped:

Digg, Google and Wikipedia are invested in maintaining their “as-is” status-quo, no matter how flawed. Not one of the three powerhouses can risk diminishing public confidence in the grandiose vaunted missions each espouses. The leaders of each of the flawed systems publicly evangelize a revolutionary worthiness of their endeavors to rationalize away allegations of abuse, entrenchment, spam, falsehoods, libel, infringement…with a “net-positive” argument”.

I’m not certain they want to maintain a “flawed status quo”. While there are, and probably always will be, cracks around the edges, the inherent usefulness of these systems outweighs the few disadvantages. So what if Wikipedia runs a bit loose with the truth at times, so do most publications. Google can quickly find almost anything, most of the time. Digg has become dull, but hopefully they’ll reduce the influence of the top diggers who have helped make it that way.

There is no alternative. There is no such thing as a perfect, un-gameable system, but that doesn’t negate the usefulness of the systems we already have.

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