How To Market To Geeks

I’ve always found that the geek sector responds well to non-marketing (which is really just marketing, but pretending not to be) and allowing room for the audience to make “their own” smart choice.

Good article over at CreatingPassionateUsers about the do’s and don’ts of the geek market:

  • Geeks hate being marketed to
    Truth: Geeks hate being insulted. If geeks hated being marketed to, the tech conferences wouldn’t be teeming with iPods and Macs.
  • Geeks are logical and rational, and don’t care about superficial “sexiness”. They care only about the specs
    Truth: There’s no such thing as a “logical and rational” human, geek or otherwise.
  • If the product is high quality, the packaging shouldn’t matter.
    Truth: For many of us, the packaging is part of the experience. Just because you’re going to be naked soon doesn’t mean the shirt you’re wearing right NOW doesn’t matter.
  • Seduction is evil
    Truth: Seduction without a genuine concern for the seducee probably is evil, but seduction-as-part-of-a-fun-experience is one of life’s great pleasures.

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