Web 2.0 Utopia Collides With Reality. Reality Unscathed.

Following in from my post about the dmoz-effect now occurring at Digg, Nick Wilson points to an almighty fallout amongst Diggers.

How will Digg owners manage it?

Nick concludes:

In summary, I’d be in favor of acceptng a few casualties as par for the course, but also it seems (and i dont know enough to comment with authority here) that the Digg management are making the situation worse than it needs to be — the galvanizing effect of Jason Calacanisis Netscape shinanigans is being counteracted by a lack of respect for core Digg users. Still, it’s easy to sit here and comment. Dont forget, Digg has half a million users, and it’s surely no easy task managing them, and you just cant always get it right.Either way, it’s pretty interesting and educational to watch. Let’s hope Digg manages to work through the blips and come out on top“.

Indeed. I suggest they go over and examine how DMOZ handled a similar growing pain

Then do the opposite…

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