Digg Doing A DMOZ?

They start off with good intentions. Well, we’re sure they start off with good intentions.

Then they preach the philosophy that it’s all wide-open, anyone can join in, a true democratic utopia with few rules, no hierarchy, and no masters.

It’s nonsense, of course.

It doesn’t work in the real world, and it doesn’t work online. Soon enough, people take advantage. Then controls are introduced. With controls come controllers. Before you know it, wide-open becomes narrow-shut. Ego-mania runs rampant. The little guy is shut out, and the masters stand at the battlements. And laugh.

Well, that’s a bit overly-dramatic. There are good people at DMOZ, and Digg, I’m sure.

Graywolf riffs on the corruption of Digg, and how top Diggers may have a lot more influence than the system would suggest.

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