China Biggest Internet Market By 2007

China will have 79 million people on broadband by 2007, whereas the US will have 51 million.

The number of broadband subscribers in China is growing at a staggering 79 per cent annually, and will reach 79 million in 2007, consulting firm Ovum predicted in research released today. Recent estimates from Leichtman Research suggest that the number of broadband connections in the US, currently the world’s largest market, is around 51 million

A few other facts about Chinese search and internet:

  • Chinese search engine Baidu announced on Dec 19, 2005 that there are 36.82 million Chinese blog sites on the Internet.
  • There are at least 38 ways of saying “I” in Chinese
  • In all three cities, Beijing-based Baidu topped Google in market share presence to varying degrees, according to the government-sponsored report.
  • For search content, Baidu’s MP3 downloads are popular.
  • Google is most frequently visited for enterprise products, business opportunities, transportation services and travel searches.

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