How To Write White Papers

If you’re part of an SEM agency, Andrew has a good book recommendation:

One approach to getting prospects to trust you (and to offer contact info), of course, is to offer a white paper. Again, though — how to produce it, what tone do you take, how to promote it? I remember when I produced an ebook (not exactly a white paper, because I charge for it and it doesn’t offer some of the things that white papers do) I was so thankful I could fall back on a resource from someone who’d done it before (in particular, Marcia Yudkin). Now, I’m thankful again! In the midst of some of these B2B conundrums, I recently read Writing White Papers, by enterprise “B2B” marketing expert Michael Stelzner. The book is amazingly comprehensive, covering every aspect of producing and marketing white papers. I particularly like the stipulations as to tone; he explains today’s sophisticated enterprise customer wants you to sell to them without being “salesy.” No one minds an intelligent latent sales pitch. But that means paying attention to how much you offer in return for the leads you seek.

If you want to find white papers on search marketing, here’s a good collection. Also a good spot to publish your white papers. Zdnet has a white paper directory as well.

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