Gambling, Internet Law, Jurisdiction, Hypocrisy

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There are so many issues here. While it may be a public good to limit gambling, or at least, be able to manage any downside, how does this translate to the internet? If one country houses a gambling site, another country processes the credit card transaction,  a guy in another country does the marketing, placing material on servers based in still further countries, while the gambler exists in yet a different country, how the hell do you have a hope of legislating/stopping it, or knowing if what you’re doing is legit or has crossed some line?

Complicated stuff, but I guess it comes down to local law. Or the WTO.

“The story is a fascinating read – well worth dealing with the fact that it is annoying split up into 3 pages. In a nutshell, Antigua filed a World Trade Organization suit against the United States for trade treaty violations following the 2004 prosecution and conviction of an Antigua Internet Sports Book owner.Antigua won the suit but the U.S. has thus far ignored the ruling”.

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