How To Avoid Being Stomped By Google

Interview with Paul Graham, partner at Y Combinator, a Mountain View firm that invests in very early tech startups.

Interesting search-realted snippets:

I wouldn’t advise competing with Google in things they’re good at. So what is Google good at? As a first approximation, making things their own developers use at work. So they’ll do a better job on an online calendar than a video sharing site, for example, because their employees are probably not supposed to be sitting watching videos at work

Another weakness of Google’s is that they’re a big company. I’ve heard some real horror stories from hackers there about the bureacratic obstacles to getting stuff released. That means they’re unlikely to do anything so novel that it frightens the bureaucrats. So a startup could compete with Google if they had an idea so wild that it would freak out the internal gatekeepers, no matter what area it was in“.

Y Combinator funded Kiko, a Web 2.0 calendar application that was recently sold on Ebay. A victim, we assume, of Google Calendar. And competing in a really dull space, probably.

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