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New Things To Try Out

Google Reader have released a new version. Upates include expanded view and list view, simplified sharing, improved read-state management, infinite scrolling, unread counts, mark all as read and more. I had a quick look through. Quite nice, but I think I still prefer Bloglines. Facebook, the hugely popular social site, is now open to all. It’s a lot neater than …

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Search Is Yesterdays News

Well, you’d think so if you looked at the tech venture capital world. It seems you need to be in the audio/visual space in order to attract the silly money. Why is PodShow worth $25M in venture capital funding? Surely there’s no doubt about the bubble now. Meanwhile, the ever-quotable Mark Cuban says “Only a moron would buy YouTube” “YouTube …

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Clueless Newspapers

Way back in deepest darkest web history, 1997, CNet reported: “Looking ahead…Forrester expects online news to be dominated by two to three titans who get the upper hand in distribution technology and content.“ Uh-huh. They thought it would be a duel between CNN, ABC, and MSNBC. Turns out the titan was none of these, the Google titan wasn’t even born. …

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Google Spider Soup Recipe

Step 1: Catch Googlebot eating your bandwidth Step 2: Wonder if you’re getting a return on all this activity? Step 3: Stick Googlebot in boiling water. Add spices. Simmer gently. Or aggressively. Up to you. Looks like Matt Cutts has an evil step-brother. We give you

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Microsoft Is Now A Media Company?

Microsoft, Google – they’re in the media business now. Which is also the reason why the newspapers are fighting back, although probably too little, too late. These powerhouses are pretty much unstoppable. Stole this one off Searchblog: “At Advertising Week 2006 in New York, Microsoft is set to unveil a new unified global advertising initiative.  Under Digital Advertising Solutions, advertisers will …

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