New Trend In Web 2.0: Sell It On Ebay

Is this a new trend? Venture capital the E-bay way?

Just days after Kiko sold their failed Web 2.0 calender application on Ebay, another application – appropriately named HuckABuck – a co-called “Web 2.0 search engine” – is also up for sale.

Huckabuck is a metasearch engine that searches Google, Yahoo, MSN, Technorati, Digg & Huckabuck’s unique Search Tuner enables users to tune their search settings by weighting their preferences for each of the search engines.

That sounds a lot like a 1.0 meta search script to me. Perhaps similar to this one on HotScripts? Maybe.

Is this where Web 2.0 is heading? Perhaps the bubble won’t even half-inflate. Instead, they’ll just cut straight to the E-bay bargain basement.

They mention:

Right now the PPC advertising is bringing in about a dollar a day so clearly there is a lot of room for growth


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