Paid Blogging Gigs

As some might know, I’m employed as a blogger by V7N. Previously, I wrote a blog called, which has been going since 2002, and covers (you guessed it) search engines. I’ve hit the pause button on that blog for the time being, as I also run a web business, and finding enough hours in the day can be tricky!

How do people get paid writing blogging gigs? In my case, John approached me, based on a mutual friendship and the fact I’d already been writing on search for some time. So, one way to go is to just start, as you never quite know who is watching. Another way is check out Performancings new Blogger Exchange, which lists various blogging gigs. There’s also a job board at Problogger.

In related news, I received a press release mentioning that Jim Hedger has been snapped up by and Congratulations, Jim. Jim has written for ISEDB, Search Engine Journal, Search Engine Guide and other search engine marketing related websites.

As web marketing becomes more and more competitive, we’ll probably see more writers being snapped up. Relationship building is the new SEO, and grassroots media are starting to compete, and in some cases overshadow, mainstream media outlets.

Content is king? Relationships are king 🙂

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