Will Your Domain Name Cost You $75,000 To Renew Next Year?

ICANN have got a five-year contract extension to continue managing the issuance of domain names until 2011. Some have objected to registration staying in US corporate hands, saying the system should be international, and neutral.

A curious side note: some sites are reporting a possible loophole in the contract. It sounds ridiculous, but tiered pricing on domain names may well happen if proposed new top-level domain contracts are approved by ICANN:

With parallels to the network neutrality debate, ICANN is set to approve new registry agreements for .biz, .info and .org that do not forbid differential/tiered pricing on a domain-by-domain basis…other registries wanted to get the same spoils that VeriSign received….and the ability to raise domain prices. VeriSign’s price increases for .com would be capped at 7% per year, though. These new proposed contracts leapfrog VeriSign, and shockingly propose to remove all pricing caps entirely. The only protection existing domain registrants would have is the 6-month notice period, and the ability to renew their domains at the old price for up to 10 years from the present.

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