Is Blackhat SEO Mainstream?

SEO Blackhat has a good post about how once unacceptable practices are now becoming more mainstream. Not that Google will codone them anytime soon, I’m sure.

Since following arbitrary “rules” is no longer a guarantee of anything as far as getting search engine exposure is concerned, it isn’t surprising that some webmasters will be more inclined to run with whatever works.

As SEBH rightly points out:

…..euphemisms like “Content Repurposing” (scraping), “Niche Aggregators” (spam sites),
“Content Networks” (link farms), “Geo Targeting” (cloaking), “Indexing Assistance” (more cloaking+) and “Mashups” (scraping more than one source) are already becoming the norm

Heh heh.

When it’s Web 2.0, it is progress! It is only spamming when SEOs do it 😉

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