Google Vs Microsoft: Why Do Bloggers Hype Google?

Robert Scoble, a Microsoft employee, wonders why Google always gets the lion share of the blog press, whereas Microsoft gets none:

I was just looking at all the blog writing about Google’s new announcement. Hey, what an awesome PR machine Google has. They don’t talk to a single blogger and we all talk about them anyway. I think bloggers like the abuse! ;-) Anyway, Dare Obasanjo, who works for Microsoft just wrote his reactions and in the middle of all that wrote this line: “As usual, the technology blogs are full of the Microsoft vs. Google double standard. Absolutely 100% true. Bloggers will hype up Google stuff over Microsoft’s stuff almost everytime. Why?

Good question, but I think the answers are pretty simple: Microsofts’ web offerings aren’t as good as Googles, Google still feels accessible, whereas Microsoft feels like a corporation, and Google gives something back – in the form of Adsense, and significant traffic volumes.

However, we look forward to Microsoft competing on all those fronts 🙂

  1. bwelfordbwelford08-29-2006

    Hi Peter

    Robert Scoble left Microsoft at the start of summer just days before Bill Gates announced he was stepping down. It doesn’t affect what he said but it could put a slightly different slant on it. 🙂

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo08-29-2006

    Yes, I stand corrected 🙂

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