Swoogle: Semantic Web Search

What’s this, then? Swoogle.

Besides potentially more work for the Google legal department, “bleeding slow” is how I’d describe it. At least it was when I tried it, you may have more luck.

“Swoogle is a search engine for the Semantic Web on the Web. Swoogle crawl the World Wide Web for a special class of web documents called Semantic Web documents, which are written in RDF. Currently, it provides the following services to the following services:

  • search Semantic Web ontologies
  • search Semantic Web instance data
  • search Semantic Web terms, i.e., URIs that have been defined as classes and properties
  • provide metadata of Semantic Web documents and support browsing the Semantic Web. (Please refer to Li Ding et. al., Finding and Ranking Knowledge on the Semantic Web, ISWC’04 for details)
  • archive different versions of Semantic Web documents”

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