Internet Tough Guy

Are you an internet tough guy? If not, no doubt you know of a few.

Usually male, the Internet Tough Guy talks big shit online, but IRL he’s a total fag or a basement-dweller or sometimes he is a teenager. Most internet toughguys are into computer programming, or, at the bare minimum, love videogaming. The typical Internet Tough Guy can be found in nearly every community on LJ but often resides in his parent’s basement, for at least 5 days a week. From furry communities to politics communities, the Internet Tough Guy is one of many stock users that make up a community”

Kids today, eh.

You’re right. There’s nothing search related in that post. Sorry 🙂

  1. King CobraKing Cobra09-01-2008

    Taking his frustrations out on us 🙂

    King Cobra Poker

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