What Will Be Google’s Next Winner?

Google watchers will have noticed that not many of their products, apart from the search engine, have managed to gain traction. Applications like Orkut, Google Talk, Google Base etc arrive with much media fanfare, but then quickly sink from view.

So, what will be the next revenue winner for Google?

I agree with Bill Trancer from Hitwise:

“…a combination of Google Base – a site where users can post all sorts of content, including ads, recipes and blogs – and Google Checkout. As a place to sell just about anything, now with a payment service built in, the site could become a grass-roots competitor to EBay. And, incentives for Google advertisers who accept the Checkout payment service could help Google continue to grow its advertiser base”.

That last bit is key. They need to provide incentives for the webmasters, web publishers, and web savvy to explore and make use of Google Base.

At present, the main reaction to Google Base is: “huh”?

That’s the problem with new working paradigms, eh. It can take a long time for major shifts in activity to happen…

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