Yahoo! Grows (Slightly)

That’s good. More competition for Google is good for us webmasters.

Searchenginejournal reports:

Nielsen//Netratings reported Monday that Google accounted for 49.2 percent of all search activity last month–nearly flat from June’s 49.2 percent…Nielsen//NetRatings also reported that Yahoo Search garnered 23.8 percent of July’s search activity, up from June’s 23 percent; MSN accounted for 9.6 percent of July searches, down from 10.3 percent in June”

Not a lot, and may be subject to error, so it will be interesting to see if this trend continues over the coming months, and to compare with the statistics that come from other sources.

What big shift would make you use Yahoo! as opposed to Google? Perhaps you do already.

  1. On a little sour sidenote: In The Netherlands (you know, the country with second highest broadband % and internet penetration), Yahoo has been shrinking the past years, into near-nowhere marketshare today. Pretty annoying, since adCenter won’t be here for a while either, and Google marketshare in terms of traffic is around 92%.
    Yahoo just doesn’t care about us, boohoo.

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