V7N Search Blog On The Rise

Speaking of linkbait, here’s a couple of posts about the searchblogosphere, and it’s flattering to note that this blog, which hasn’t been going all that long, appears on a few major radars already. Nice! Right back at you – I read most of those listed, too. And then some.

But before my head gets too big, I take the notion of blog A-listers with a grain of salt. Blogs rise and fall in terms of posting quality, and all blogs can’t possibly interest all the people, all the time. Everyone must find their niche in terms of topic and style.

My interest lays mainly in the future of search marketing, so hopefully I do that aspect some justice. And what a bright future it is! We really do work in such an interesting and fast moving sector of the web, and keeping up with it all is impossible. Thankfully, there’s a lot of top people covering search on a regular basis, and a lot of top people who take the time to read.

So, I just want to say thanks so much for reading and commenting. All the readers here are A-list in my book 🙂

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