Men Of SEO

This years winner of the best link-bait must surely go to “Men Of SEO“.

It features some laugh-out-loud writing:

“I love guys who know how to give a compliment. Not your usual “nice backend (database work)”….earlier this month, Rand shared some of his feelings about Danny Sullivan”

Where’s the Women Of SEO site, then?

Thx Kim

  1. cre8pccre8pc08-17-2006

    You’re welcome, Peter.
    Kinda surprised the Men of SEO thing isn’t taking off more. All anyone has to do is to attend an SES to see the overwhelming majority of attendees are men – many of them eye candy!

    Haven’t see a Women of SEO one yet but I keep thinking of more women to add to the list in my head. Sophie, being one them.

    Hope you and John didn’t mind I mentioned you two. I couldn’t resist 🙂

  2. Peter Da VanzoPeter Da Vanzo08-17-2006

    Laughs. I think that John Scott character appears to have a fan club of his very own…

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