Blogging By The Search Engines

Interesting post (well, kinda) about the search engines bloggers, and why they do what they do:

“Cutts says he just tries to be so monumentally boring and technical that the media won’t cover it, and says he’s been largely successful”

Laughs. I’m not so sure. Everything search-related seems to filter into the mainstream eventually, especially if it is Google related.

Price says weekly emails are still crucial to distributing blog content, aside from an RSS feed—which is rising but still not familiar to the larger audience. Zawodny likes to schedule postings – rattling-off a few and letting posts distribute automatically.
Gary, self-described as not the biggest fan of RSS syndication, says Ask is now playing with displaying the last three updated posts from a related feed above the organic results. Zawodny says he likes the feature and has been using it.”

Gary has a point, but I found that after having used RSS, I cancelled all my mail subscriptions. It’s just a better way of keeping up, doesn’t have the management overhead involved in receiving email, and it is a lot easier to scan large amounts of information quickly.

But try explaining RSS to anyone who still doesn’t know what a blog is!

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